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Health and Wellness for Pets of Clear Lake, Houston and the Bay Area

To ensure that the bond you share with your pet is strong and lasting, it is important that he or she remains in optimum health. Whether your pet is a juvenile puppy or kitten, an adult animal companion, or a senior pet, you can count on the veterinarians and staff of Bay Glen Animal Hospital to advise you on how to care for your best friend and companion. We have a variety of client educational materials on our website, along with links to many other quality resources, handouts, and brochures on specific disease processes. However, none of these can replace the quality advice and personal attention that you and your pet receive from having a complete physical, wellness exam, and owner consultation with one of our veterinarians. A visit to our office to consult with our professional staff allows for one-on-one communication and the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of maintaining your pet's good health, such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, and consistent preventive health care practices. Every pet is unique and has different needs. Therefore, different risk factors should be addressed. We know that prevention and early detection of any potential problems is better for your pet and, in most cases, much easier to treat than waiting until a disease or illness becomes more advanced.

The way to ensure good health is through responsible, educated pet ownership. We have compiled the pet health resources page as a trusted source for useful advice on how to keep your pet healthy in any stage of life. As always, we will be here if you have any questions and invite you to call or visit regarding any concerns you may have about your pet's health.