Pain Management

Pet pain management

Laser Therapy for Pets in Clear Lake and the Houston TX Area

Continuing to be a leader in the use of new technology, Bay Glen Animal Hospital has acquired a new FDA approved Class IV Therapy Laser unit, manufactured specifically for use in companion animals.

Widely used in human rehabilitation programs and by professional sports trainers, Class IV Laser Therapy alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and accelerates healing. Deep penetrating photons of light from the laser influence cell chemistry and metabolism in a variety of beneficial ways. Best of all, treatment with a Class IV Therapy Laser is completely painless.

Laser therapy has become a part of our post surgical pain protocols, wound care and treatment of many chronic inflammatory conditions. (Numerous acute and chronic conditions respond to treatment as pain and inflammation subsides, and healing occurs. Arthritic patients are also benefiting from this non-invasive approach that offers an alternative to drug regimens!

Bay Glen Animal Hospital is proud to offer Class IV high intensity laser therapy. Lasers are not new. Class III therapy lasers were first approved by the FDA in the United States in 2002. Class IV lasers were recently approved by the FDA in 2005, but have been used in Europe for much longer. Acceptance has been rapid in human rehabilitation and is slowly on the rise in veterinary medicine.