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Hospital Manager



Stephanie was born and raised in Houston, TX. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology in 2011. Stephanie began her career in veterinary medicine in 2006 as a Client Relations Specialist and worked her way up to a Veterinary Nurse/Surgical Assistant in 2007. Stephanie’s customer service, nursing abilities and management skills helped her move up to the Hospital Manager position as she joined both Bay Glen Animal Hospital & the Feline Medical Center in January of 2015.

Stephanie enjoys interacting with the clients and their furry loved ones. To her, a relationship between the clients and their pets is a rewarding part of her job. When Stephanie is not working, she spends her time with her husband Jason, and their four-legged children. Together they have a dilute Calico cat, McKenzie, a Rat Terrier/Jack Russell mix, Daisy, Shih-Tzu, Meeka, Westhighland Terrier, Izzie and Lab Mix, Willow. Stephanie is a season ticket holder for the University of Houston and loves to cheer on her COOGS at football games!

Licensed Veterinary Technician



Lissa was born in Houston but spent approximately ten years of her childhood growing up in the Middle East. She enjoyed her time overseas and is very grateful for the wonderful experience. Her love for animals and medicine led her to pursue a career as a veterinary nurse. Lissa graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston in 2012 with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology and now stays very busy as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She has a strong passion for rescue and conservation. On the day's she is not working at Bay Glen she spends her time working for Friends for Life No Kill Shelter located in the Heights. She has four pets of her own including her dachshund "Spencer" and three cats "Ruca", "Tallah", and "Jiji". When she is not busy with her busy work schedule, Lissa enjoys relaxing and spending quality time with her boyfriend, trying delicious new food, and traveling the world.

Licensed Veterinary Technician



As a 2009 graduate of the Vet Tech Institute of Houston, Kristin passed her state and national boards and earned her LVT in December 2010 while working as a veterinary nurse at Bay Glen Animal Hospital. In December 2010, Kristin left Bay Glen to begin teaching at her alma mater. She has been at VTI since January 2011, and in May of 2015, rejoined the team at Bay Glen as a part time veterinary nurse.

Kristin and her husband Mike have an 8 year-old German Shepherd Dog named “River” who was adopted from the Vet Tech Institute. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys watching movies, going to the shooting range with Mike, turning pens on her lathe, and playing computer games.

Veterinary Nurse



Jennifer was born and raised in Maryland where she has lived most of her life. She also had the pleasure of living in Canada for a few years prior to moving to Houston. She lived in the Cypress area before making her way down to the Clear Lake City area where she then joined the Bay Glen family. Jennifer has been working in the veterinary field since 1999 and loved working with animals. Jennifer became a registered EMT-B last semester and is currently going to school for phlebotomy. However, Jennifer will still continue to work with animals, as she cannot imagine not having them be a part of her life. Jennifer currently lives in La Porte with her husband and their two dogs, Athena, the three-legged wonder and Tiger, and three cats, Dash, Nutmeg and Mischief. One day, Jennifer hopes to expand their family to include a two legged critter!

Veterinary Nurse



Brandie was born and raised in Conroe, TX. After her service in the Army as a Military Police Officer, she finally started following her passion. Brandie has been working with animals for the last 10 years. Brandie has worked in many aspects of the field from shelter work, to animal behavior, socialization, husbandry, and now back to veterinary medicine. Working with pampered is her favorite. Brandie has a small pack of rescues that vary from a Chihuahua, Bud, Beagle Mix Maggie, Fox Hound Mix, Skye, Pyrenees Mix, Macie and a Hound Mix, Mae. After work her favorite thing is to head to the dog park with her furry kids and watch them run and wrestle. Of course with any remaining time Brandie will still foster those deemed special needs.

Veterinary Nurse



Susan was born and raised in Houston, TX and has been working with animals at a young age. Susan started volunteering at a local animal shelter at the age of 11. Susan attended the University of Houston and received a BS in Biochemistry, all while maintaining a connection with animals. During her studies, she spent two years volunteering at Bay Area Specialists where she shadowed a team of doctors learning how a veterinary practice runs. Susan also volunteered at the Houston Zoo as a Keeper Assistant, where she worked in the Natural Encounters section preparing food, cleaning cages, built habitats and administered medications.

Susan will be applying to Veterinary School this Summer. She has been working and observing how other practices run. Susan enjoys working at Bay Glen. She believes Bay Glen is a wonderful practice to work at and is very thankful she has been given the opportunity to be a part of this team. Susan feels that since she started Bay Glen, she has learned so much and we as a clinic have helped prepare her for Veterinary School.

Susan stated, "There is always something new to learn here at Bay Glen, whether it is the cases that come in to the clinic or the knowledge and guidance that I get from all the doctors. I can promise there is never a dull moment here at Bay Glen Animal Hospital".

Veterinary Nurse



Tiffany was born and raised in Houston, TX. She graduated from Dickinson High School in 2011. Tiffany then attended the Vet Tech Institute and graduated with an Associates of Applies Science in Veterinary Technology in October of 2015. After Tiffany graduated, she worked in research and completed her externship at Baylor College of Medicine. Tiffany joined the Bay Glen family in December of 2015 as a Veterinary Nurse. She loves working with and caring for animals, small to large.

Tiffany currently lives at home with her fiancé and their 5 fur-babies and is planning her wedding which is in the fall of 2016. Together they have a Jack Russell Mix, Bailey, Schnoodle, Baxter, Red Heeler, Emily (who she adopted from VTI), Russian Blue, Ollie, and Tuxido Kitty, Oreo (who she also adopted from VTI). When Tiffany is not working, she loves spending time with her fiancé, Erik and their fur-babies. Tiffany also enjoys going to the movies, planning her wedding, trying delicious new food and watching movies!

Veterinary Nurse



Erika was born and raised in Merryville, Louisiana then moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana where she attended and graduated from McNeese State University. She moved to League City, Texas in August of 2013 and started working at Bay Glen Animal Hospital in August of 2014 as a Kennel Attendant. She moved up to the position of Kennel Manager in October of 2014 and is currently training to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

Erika’s passion for animals started at a young age when she would frequently bring home injured lizards and frogs to nurse and release back into the back yard. She has worked in many fields dealing with animals from retail pet sales to helping build a discount spay and neuter facility. Her passion has always been in helping to ensure the health of all of the animals that she encounters.

Erika is currently the proud pet parent of 5 cats and 2 beta fish. Her furry children are a 21 year old black & white tuxedo pictured with her named Saber, 2 tabby cats named Mya and Links, a dilute calico named Marshmallow, and her Russian blue manx Sierra. Her beta fish are Cowboy and Quicksilver.

Veterinary Nurse



Ashley was born in Ohio and later moved to California and back to Ohio again for school. Ashley’s love of animals began when she had over 70 pets while living in California, both domestic and exotic, that ranged from small mice to a Burmese python that was 10.5 feet long. Ashley went to college at the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH for Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology but never lost her love for animals. Ashley moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2012 where she began her veterinary career. In her time there, she gained experience in both small and exotic animals and also wildlife. Before moving, she spent two years of her career as overnight emergency veterinary technician. Ashley moved to the southeast Houston area after buying a house with her boyfriend, Ryan. They share their home with an Italian Greyhound named Zeus, Yorkshire Terrier named Nellie, a bobtail cat named Maverick, a snake named Rosie and Sonic the hedgehog! Ashley started with the Bay Glen Animal Hospital in December of 2016 and also works part-time at an emergency facility. When Ashley isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, sporting events and going to country music concerts.

Veterinary Nurse



Tori was born in Cypress, TX but raised in Channelview. She attended Channelview High School, and then went on to pursue her passion in animals at the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and graduated with her Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology in December of 2016. She takes her boards soon to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Tori loves to work with large and small animals. Tori knew at a young age that she loved animals and wanted to help them feel better! Tori has a fur baby of her own, Sami Jo. Sami Jo is a super sassy 5 year old tan Chihuahua.

Client Relations Specialist



April joined the team at Bay Glen Animal Hospital in October 2001 as a Client Relations Specialist. April knew from an early age she wanted to work with animals. Even as a small girl, April was the one who rescued and took in injured and sick birds, squirrels and ducks from around her neighborhood. To this day her neighbors still come to her for her advice and help when they find an injured animal.

April’s 13 year old black lab mix named Chance is a real momma’s boy. He enjoys playing outside on sunny days & taking long naps in his chair.

April's kind and caring demeanor is evident to both clients and patients. Nothing is more rewarding to her than sending home a healthy patient. In her time away from the office, April enjoys traveling to exotic places & spending time with family & friends.

Client Relations Specialist



Mary started her career in 1990 working at a well-established small animal practice in Midland, Michigan. After relocating in 1996, she continued to work as a veterinary nurse in a busy practice in Houston before moving to Clear Lake in 2002, when she joined the Bay Glen team. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary care but has a passion for animal behavior and the challenge of rehabilitating pets with behavioral issues using a positive, gentle approach through operant conditioning.

Mary is also involved with training and showing her own dogs in obedience, tracking, and conformation. In addition, she enjoys photography and kayaking. Mary lives in the Clear Lake area with her husband, Darrell, and their two Belgian Malinois “Cruise” and “Ruby” as well as a feisty Crimson Winged Parrot named “Ky.”

Client Relation Specialist



Mabel was born in Cuba, but has lived most of her life in the suburbs of Miami. She lived in Los Angeles, California for five years and attended Whittier College before realizing Theatre was not what she wanted to pursue as a career. She moved to Houston at the end of 2016 to be a bit closer to family. Mabel’s parents were both born and raised on farms and although Mabel herself did not have that pleasure, her parent’s love for animals definitely influenced her growing up. As a child she had more animals than she could count, from parrots to rats to salt water fish . She currently has four cats, Cha-Cha, Hunter, Baby Cat and Sissy. Her fur family keeps her busy and spoiling them is one of her favorite past times when she is not at work. Besides animals, Mabel feels strongly about theatre, literature, video games and the ocean, and is happiest with her nose in a book or deep sea fishing.

Kennel Technician



Kaylie was born and raised in Texas. She started out in child care and transitioned to animal care when she moved to the Houston area in 2016. She started working at Bay Glen Animal Hospital as a kennel technician. She has two dogs of her own, named “Marley” and “Maddie”. She loves being around animals and spends her free time going to different parks and taking her dogs to the dog park.

Kennel Technician


Jessica was born and raised in the greater Orlando area. At the end of 2016, she moved to Texas and began working with us here at Bay Glen. Jessica grew up in a family that loved caring for animals; she always had a passion for rescue and rehabilitation work! When Jessica was 7 years old, her family took in an orphaned squirrel which provided her with her first opportunity to care for wildlife hands-on. She volunteered with many different shelters and rescue groups throughout her childhood. Jessica's first job was as a receptionist for a Veterinary Clinic, and then she worked at a wildlife park for a year before moving out to Texas. Jessica loves all types of work in the animal care field and plans to return to school in the next few years to obtain a Bachelor's degree in husbandry.

Jessica brought 1 dog with her to Texas - a white German Shepherd mix named "Ava". One day she hopes to have a large home with the ability to foster dogs and cats in need of a temporary place to live! Outside of work, Jessica enjoys ballroom dancing, playing the ukulele, SCUBA diving, and taking "Ava" on new adventures!

Kennel Technician



Emily was born in Lubbock, TX and was raised here in Houston. She graduated in 2014 from Clear Brook High School with plans to be a teacher. Once attending San Jacinto for a few semesters she realized teaching was not her passion. She is now pursuing a career in animal behavior and interior design. She currently goes to school part time, works as a kennel technician here at Bay Glen and has a second job as a daycare teacher and front desk receptionist. Emily has a love for working with dogs. She has previously fostered 3 dogs including one from Garcia Rottie Rescue. Emily has a variety of pets, from her 3 turtles to her saltwater eel and her rottie mix “Rose”. Some of Emily’s hobbies are taking Rose to dog parks and a variety of different dog friendly places. She also loves to explore different training classes with her pup. In any extra spare time, Emily enjoys painting and drawing. She has been to many art classes. One subject Emily always enjoys learning more about is marine life. She thinks it is all very intriguing.

Pet Stylist



John was born in Lynwood California. John became a pet stylist back in 1987 working for his family business in Lubbock, Texas for 19 years. John really enjoys working with animals and making them look nice. John has been working at Bay Glen Animal Hospital since January of 2014. John enjoys the outdoors, music, art and cooking.