X-ray your pets


Advanced Digital X-ray and Ultrasound Equipment for Your Pet at Bay Glen Animal Hospital

Because early detection and diagnosis of disease is such an important aspect of our approach to patient care, Bay Glen Animal Hospital uses the best digital radiology, ultrasound, and digital dental imaging equipment available. With these diagnostic tools at our disposal, our veterinarians are able to quickly find subtle changes and diagnose abnormal conditions more accurately, thereby allowing your pet to get the treatment he or she needs sooner.

All of our radiographic and ultrasound equipment is on-site at our hospital in Clear Lake, so your pet doesn't have to leave our facility for testing. And with the advent of teleradiology, we can send your pet's digital radiographic images and medical history to specialists across the country for review and consultation. This allows us to provide a higher level of patient care and to set up referrals and transfer medical information with the click of a mouse. We also archive your pet's images so that they can be retrieved at a later date to monitor your pet's response to therapy. We are proud to offer these diagnostic tools to you and your pet to provide the most extensive and comprehensive care available in the Clear Lake community.